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Comforting Hands

Heart in Hand Support Services offers holistic and wellness supports on the Sunshine Coast.

We take the time to communicate with the individual and family members and match client needs to our diversely trained team. We can provide access to:

  • Personalised support within your own home

  • Support in building independence and relationships with others

  • Community access to pursue your interests

  • Assistance to attend medical and specialist appointments

  • Support to improve balance, strengths and fall prevention, Increase day-to-day functioning

  • Support for children and teenagers with learning and behaviour challenges

  • Therapeutic supports in time of difficulties and crisis

  • Advocating for individual rights for the NDIS

  • Tailored Short Term Accommodation and Respite programs for wellness, social and skill development

  • Cognitive training and development

Heart in Hand Support Services supports individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Nathan Yoga.jpg
  • Tier 1 Strength and Conditioning Skills and Support Movement training (made fun through the use of interactive supports)

  • Corporate yoga and wellbeing services available to the general public within Vitality Village.


Age Well, Move Well, Live Well and Thrive

Heart In Hand Wellness Programs

Exercise and Cognitive Programs for clients in the early stages of neuro based conditions & illnesses.

  • Falls Prevention

  • Cognition improvements: Improving reaction speeds, coordination, perception, tracking and problem solving

  • Improving overall strength and mobility

  • Nutritional interventions for improving overall health and wellbeing- education in healthy eating, improving energy distribution to aid in fuelling and recovery

  • Supports neuro-wellbeing

  • A holistic approach

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